Our modern machine park combined with a wide range of products allows for quick and effective implementation of your ideas and provides the opportunity to choose the best solutions.

A wide machine park in one place and our many years of experience will ensure shortened implementation time and flexibility, also for non-standard orders. At Planet Graf, we invest in new technologies and try to keep up to date with the challenges posed by the printing market and the goals of sustainable development. We are changing for you!


The sublimation printing technique has won the printing market thanks to ensuring high quality and durability of prints. Sublimation dyes produced on the basis of water are completely safe for the environment and users, including children. Low costs of material, its preparation and the printing itself mean that even low outlays of products do not generate high costs.

  • Print width: up to 320 cm


Eco-solvent printing is another solution for inside printing. This type of inks have been free from harmful chemical compounds, making them safer for the environment and people. Printouts of this technology can be used indoors because they do not emit unpleasant odors. Thanks to the removal of harmful chemicals, the print quality has also increased, but the resistance to weather conditions has decreased.

  • Print width: up to 160 cm


The main technology of large-format printing used for common products such as banners, posters, large-area meshes or advertising on a car. An economical way to print high quality in large size.

  • Print width: up to 500cm


Printing with light-curing inks enables easy use on virtually any material. Amazing color reproduction, wide range of applications.

  • Print width:

    Roll materials: up to 500cm
    Flat materials: up to 320cm


A modern printing method that allows you to obtain good-quality printing and advertising materials at an attractive price and time. It is perfect for small runs of popular advertising materials such as leaflets, business cards, etc.