Dear Clients!

To meet your expectations, we have expanded the possibilities of sublimation printing at Planet Graf. From December 2021, we offer you two methods of sublimation printing: transfer and direct. Sublimation printing is an increasingly popular and, most importantly, very ecological printing method. Sublimation dyes are produced on the basis of water, which means that they are both completely harmless to the environment and safe for people.

Thanks to it, we can advertise the company and decorate the house in an ecological way.

Individualized arrangements for homes and businesses allow you to express your own sense of beauty and aesthetics. Accessories such as decorative pillows, blankets or curtains will make you feel at home everywhere.

The gadgets and gifts that we are able to produce in the form of personalized ones: pillows, bedding, sets for the gym or for the beach will allow us to express much more what plays in our soul :)